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For your convenience, I've added the names of the products that I think work. I've also added some links to additional resources.

If you are a physician or dentist, I recommend you also read these articles from the American Dental Association. I also recommend reading my book on detoxification, which will help you to understand the science of detoxification.

The next two pages are the detoxification page. This is the area you can read if you want to learn more about detoxification and how it helps. I have a lot of information on this page and I think it is important for you to know how your body responds to detoxification.

The next three pages are the page for healing and the rest is a page for supplements and food. The last page is where I have found some of the best resources on the internet. I have compiled all the information I could find on the internet about detoxification and the supplements you can use to get your detoxification results.

What do I use?

I personally use Purification Plus, which is a detoxification supplement. I have tried the two most popular types of detoxification supplements: Cis-Amine and Echinacea. Cis-Amine is good for those who have allergies to most herbal remedies and/or cannot tolerate caffeine.

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