Revealed: protein bars - THIS is the truth!

Some of them are good. Some are not so good. I believe that it's a great idea to go to a store and try them all, in different flavors, so you know which ones you like. My first order of 10 protein bars was a Chocolate Chip Protein Bar from a company called FASB (For Food Sciences, Body Science and Nutrition), a company with many years experience in the manufacturing of protein bars. The chocolate chip is a great flavor for those of us who enjoy our food rich in chocolate flavors. But the flavor doesn't really taste very good. In fact, some of the other flavors I tried were almost tasteless. The flavor was so bad, that my first order of 10 didn't make it to the store. It was a complete disaster. My friend from college told me it was a terrible business plan, and that it was just so sad to see the quality of my new bar plummet after one order.

We used to order a lot of protein bars from this website, and they are always good. But the quality has taken a nosedive. I was very disappointed in this new one. The texture and flavor was horrible, and the packaging was very poorly done.

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